All children at the nursery have access to a wide range of activities to help them develop new skills and confidence. Seasonal activities include meeting #Father Christmas, hatching chicks at Easter, Easter egg hunts, Easter bonnet parades, Pirate day, visiting zoo and hatching our own butterflies in the summer.

Arts and Crafts

Children are encouraged to develop their creative skills by painting, drawing and making models while experimenting with different textures.

In addition we have a local art teacher come in from Mini Picassos on a weekly basis working with the children on set pieces throughout the year.

Cubs Room
Physical Activities

Physical Activities

Children have access to the garden for free and guided play along with movement and movement classes for all the age ranges in the nursery.

The babies and toddlers enjoy a weekly Hartbeeps class, the older children partake in a weekly hip hop and groove session and football class.

Queens Park is also just a few minutes walk away for additional physical play time.

Story Time

Children have access to a wide range of books and our team read stories to the children either individually or as a group & make trips to the local library in Salusbury Rd.

Arts & Crafts